Cooperative ITS

Cooperative ITS (C-ITS) has the potential to further increase the benefits of ITS services and applications. C-ITS is a subset of the overall ITS that communicates and shares information between ITS Stations* to give advice or take actions  with the objective of improving safety, sustainability, efficiency and comfort beyond the scope of stand-alone ITS.

(* ITS Station defined in ETSI EN 302 665 and ISO 21217)

 ITS-S reference architecture (ISO 21217:2014)


Overview of standards (and links to machine-readable code)

The current standards published by CEN/TC 278/WG 16 in the domain "Intelligent transport systems - Cooperative ITS" are:

ISO/TS CEN/TS 17419 Classification and management of ITS applications in a global context [ASN.1]

ISO/TS CEN/TS 17423 ITS application requirements and objectives for selection of communication profiles [ASN.1]

ISO/TS CEN/TS 18750 Local dynamic maps [ASN.1]

CEN/TS 17425 Data exchange specification for in-vehicle presentation of external road and traffic related data 

CEN/TS 17426 Contextual speeds 

CEN/TS 17429 ITS station facilities for the transfer of information between ITS stations 

ISO/TS CEN/TS 19321 Dictionary of in-vehicle information (IVI) data structures [ASN.1]

ISO/TS 19091 Using V2I and I2V communications for applications related to signalized intersections [ASN.1]